Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Another hunt

Once upon a time I was a kid. It was the 1950s, and I vaguely remember watching Treasure Hunt and thinking Jan Murray was kind of creepy.

Murray was probably no more or less creepy than any other TV denizen, but I couldn't help my childhood impressions. The 1950s Treasure Hunt has long since vanished almost entirely. Wikipedia says only two episodes remain. One of them lives on YouTube, if you want a glimpse of 1950s kitsch complete with incredibly cheesy music. A contestant on the episode brings along her pet monkey. Maybe the simian had something to do with the ep's survival.

Chuck Barris revived the show in the 1970s because the king of kitsch couldn't resist. Now it looks like another version may be coming. Barry Poznick, fresh from his rewind of To Tell the Truth for ABC, is partnering with Wink Martindale (who else?) and John Ricci on a remake.

It sounds like they want to keep the basic premise intact but inject plenty of "comedic distractions." Like a pet monkey or three? We'll see if an actual show ever materializes from the effort.


  1. They had a few comedic distractions on the Geoff Edwards versions.

    1. Zach, why don't you play Bucket Kickers and kill yourself?

    2. I hate deleting comments and I'll let the one from d3d209bc-e811-11e3-be70-000bcdcb8a73 stand. But don't let it happen again. I don't enjoy people hiding behind anonymity and wishing death (even as a joke) on other people.

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  3. People are going to say things like that to me when I post something. It's something I've gotten used to over the last 15 years. Even "I", who is pretty much considered the biggest troll on the internet to most in the game show community, was upset over something I said recently after it was pointed out to me.