Thursday, September 17, 2015

A variety of stuff

Finally got around to watching the debut of Best Time Ever on I'll only review the game show bits, which were scattered among a lot of other things.

There was Singalong Live, where hidden cameras nailed three home viewers into a tarted-up version of Don't Forget the Lyrics. In the studio Gloria Gaynor belted out I Will Survive, and the folks at home had to fill in some blanks in the lyrics. One poor contestant goofed but two others won a thousand bucks. I kind of liked the cheesy disco-redo atmosphere.

Then there was Neil Vs., where host Neil Patrick Harris competed with guest announcer Reese Witherspoon in climbing a fifteen-story tower. Don't worry, they had safety cables. I didn't like this stunt game as much as the singalong, maybe because Reese's voice always gets on my nerves. Neil won, by the way.

Finally there was Get Lucky, where an audience member came on down - I don't know how they resisted the catchphrase - to play a pop culture quizzer. She wound up winning a fair amount of loot. Not the most brilliant quizzer format I've ever seen, but it went by in a hurry so who cares?

Otherwise it was a bunch of celebrity pranks and song and dance numbers and audience participation bits. Not to mention plugs for The Voice. Just a TV smorgasbord of this and that. Neil did a nice back flip off a pogo stick.


  1. It isn't an NBC show without some shameless plugs of other NBC shows.

    1. Which gives NBC something in common with every other broadcast and cable network under the sun.