Friday, September 4, 2015

A contestant

The new version of Chain Reaction has gotten to be a pet show of mine. It pretty much improves away all the faults of GSN's previous try at the word ladders. Mike Catherwood is a genuinely talented host who has a future in the genre, if he wants one.

Like a lot of game shows nowadays, Chain Reaction only gives the audience the first names of the contestants. Maybe it's a privacy thing in the Google era, I dunno. But sometimes the secret is easy to crack.

One of the contestants on last night's second ep was a stuntwoman named Katelyn. That's not exactly a common name (or spelling, anyhow) and I figured there couldn't be too many stuntwomen kicking around Hollywood with the moniker. So I tried "stuntwoman Katelyn" in Google and hit paydirt.

The lady's full name name is Katelyn Brooks, and she seems to specialize in name-taking and ass-kicking, according to her YouTube channel. Her movies have names like Slug Street Scrappers: Beat Em Up, which kind of gives you the idea. And in case you might think she's a dumb jock, she was a terrific player on Chain Reaction, landing some tough guesses.

She apparently can also land some tough punches. Beat 'em up!


  1. They also withheld last names in The Pyramid (2012). Maybe it's to evade the fact that several contestants are merely actors from Central Casting.

    1. This lady is hardly a well known actor, and the show made no attempt to hide her profession. I think the lack of last names stems more from privacy concerns in the Internet age.