Monday, August 24, 2015

Syfy may like Krypton

A British site says that Syfy might revive The Krypton Factor for the U.S. market. The original version ran on ITV for nearly 300 eps over 1977-95. The game show has grown something of a legend, thanks to its long run and tough challenges for the contestants.

As Wikipedia says, players faced "a series of rounds that tested their physical stamina and mental attributes." It looks like Syfy may want to spring the same trials and tribulations on Americans. Dick Clark hosted a brief U.S. version in 1981, and an American syndie for kids came and went in 1990.

The report has some credibility because Syfy has dabbled in game shows and is now running Geeks Who Drink to modest ratings. I still think game shows with their old and female skew are out of place on a sci-fi network that targets young guys. But I'm all for any cabler taking a few chances in the genre. We'll see if anything comes of this rumored revival.

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