Sunday, August 30, 2015

Scandals of all sorts

TLC is not exactly my favorite network, because I'm not exactly the network's favorite sex. In fact, the last show I watched on TLC was the debut of Labor Games. This is a full-service game show blog, after all, and I had to write a review. As I recall, I thought the show was okay, not great, not terrible.

But given the history of our little genre, I got a few smiles from this story about the network on the Fortune site. Seems that the "scandal-ridden" TLC is turning to Labor Games, among other shows, to expunge the scandalous scent. Once upon a time, like in the 1950s, the idea of a network trying game shows to avoid scandal would have been pretty funny.

Admittedly, there are different levels of scandal. Child molestation - the problem at TLC - is hellaciously more serious than rigging a game show. Anyway, the Fortune story regards Labor Games as "a bit more outrageous," though a network exec assures us that the show is "actually kind of sweet and funny and heartwarming."

Well, it's all right, I guess. Just another clone of Cash Cab, only in a delivery room instead of a taxi.


  1. It's kinda sad really. Remember when TLC was referred to as The Learning Channel?

    1. Sorry, I can't get very sad over TLC.