Monday, August 31, 2015

More Millionaire

Blogged about the new season of Millionaire just a few days ago. But there's not much other game show news right now, so I'll blog about it again.

After all, Millionaire is making by far the biggest format changes of any returning game show this fall. The show has released a promo with Chris Harrison and the new "back to the future" setup. The traditional money tree returns along with the 50:50 lifeline. Basically, except for the plus-one lifeline, the show is pretty much the same as Meredith Vieira's version back in 2002. Oh, the hot seat is gone. Chris and the contestants stand up.

In the screenshot - enlarging it helps - you can see the money tree and the 50:50 lifeline at the left. The promo explicitly says that Millionaire is bringing back the old format and even shows a quarter-million win, which seems to be the syndie version of the (realistic) top prize.

A YouTube commenter named pixiegirl999 grumps: "I don't think they could possibly have found a more bland, beige host than Chris Harrison." Pixiegirl, that's probably what the showrunners were looking for after a year of Terry's bellowing. Chris Harrison may be the closest thing to a male version of Meredith that they could come up with. We'll see how he does starting September 14.


  1. I saw the promo. He doesn't look bad. At least he won't be screaming "let's play millionaire!" right in your face. At least Classic Millionaire is back. I'm concerned for this show and Celebrity Name Game. Let's see if they make it past their seasons.

  2. Attended a few tapings, he was pretty decent as a host. Lots of little things are back, which longtime fans will like, such as the lights going down before every question (after the first 5), and going back to saying the whole title: "Let's play Who Wants To Be A Millionaire!".