Friday, August 28, 2015

Another new season

With new game show seasons busting out all over, I almost forgot Buzzr. No, not the oldies TV subchannel. I'm talking about the newsies YouTube channel, where video kids run rampant over various classic Fremantle formats.

Next month the channel launches new seasons of Family Feud and Beat the Clock. By and large I've enjoyed the Buzzr takes on the old formats, though I usually have no clue who the hosts and contestants are. The videos treat the formats with respect, and their brevity actually works well to maintain interest. (Yes, the videos are getting less brief as time goes by. The clips used to be eight minutes or so. Now they're pushing past a quarter-hour.)

Fremantle has apparently been pleased with the YouTube channel, as they're putting a little more money into the sets and production values. A lot of the videos have gone well past a hundred thousand views, and one sort of "highlight" has racked up more than three million. Like/dislike ratios have been strongly favorable.

One weird note: Fremantle seems concerned that fans might confuse the Buzzr TV subchannel and the Buzzr YouTube channel. I might miss my guess, but I doubt that there's much overlap between the two operations' target audiences.

UPDATE: A commenter, clearly a hardcore traditionalist, dismisses the Buzzr YouTube channel as almost unknown. Well, to game show hardcores the channel probably is pretty much unknown. But last I checked, the channel has piled up 10,201,265 views for its videos. And unlike most YouTube channels, Buzzr gets people to sit through their videos in their entirety. Fremantle is appealing to an entirely new audience with the YouTube channel and seems to be succeeding. The Buzzr TV subchannel is for the traditionalists. Clever product differentiation, now that I think about it.


  1. I almost completely forgot about Buzzr too. If it hadn't been for Game Show Garbage or this blog, I wouldn't have heard about it.

    1. The channel gets plenty of views, in the millions all told. So somebody's heard about. But I agree that traditionalist game show hardcores probably don't know much about Buzzr on YouTube. Fremantle is going for a different audience completely and looks to be succeeding, at least by YouTube standards.

      Fremantle runs the TV subchannel for the hardcores. You know, the Game Show Forum people.