Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The big boy is back in town

GSN kicked off the third season of The Chase tonight, and the debut episode didn't disappoint. The three civvies gave Mark Labbett all he could handle. But in the end the Beast prevailed...by two seconds.

Douglas Pucci is running a contest at TV Media Insights to guess the ratings for the premiere. I'm on record calling for a million-viewer audience sometime in the third season. I don't know if the debut will make the million mark, because The Chase has gradually built its audience through the first two seasons. But a seven-figure turnout for the premiere would be nice.

GSN certainly deserves a large audience for one of its best originals yet. They stage the British import with verve and include enough humor to make sure things don't get too pretentious. The show is fast-paced and absorbing and builds to one of the best final rounds I've seen for any quizzer.

The third season will run for thirteen eps, and let's hope that several more seasons will follow. Unleash the you-know-who.

UPDATE: Should have known better after the debut of American Bible Challenge's third season. The Chase garnered a relatively modest 494K viewers for its season premiere. That's still fine by GSN's historical standards, but way short of what I was hoping for. We'll see if the numbers improve as the season goes on.


  1. One episode is scheduled to air on December 1st, GSN's 20th anniversary, with Wink Martindale announcing on his Facebook page that he'll make a came on it.

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  3. Casey, I doubt The Chase will reach a million viewers this season.

    My guess for the season premiere is 624,000 total viewers, which I think is a bit generous, and 0.1 in the 18-49.

    I think the reason The Chase was so hot is that January is a typically high viewing month for GSN every year, where now that it is Summer and more people are enjoying warmer weather=less live viewers.

    The Chase will not do as well but still highly respectable numbers around 500K to 700K viewers throughout the season.

  4. Can we get rid of this Rahmer troll? Honestly......

  5. Scott's welcome to post as long as he follows the very generous rules in "legalities and technicalities". Anyway, Douglas Pucci and I were both hoping for a big audience for The Chase. The premiere was certainly fine by GSN's usual standards, but fell way short of our hopes. We'll see if the numbers improve throughout the season, as happened before.

  6. I thought it was a great episode but GSN gave away the ending which made it rather anti-climatic.

    At the beginning of the show they showed Mark slapping the podium with a big smile on his face saying "Yes". So when it came time for Mark's two minutes I knew he was going to win. I just didn't know how close it was going to be.