Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Syndie speculation

Pundit Kevin Downey takes to the pages of TVNewsCheck to conjecture about the syndie season. Not this fall's debuts, but the season starting next fall - 2015.

For the most part he only offers airy thoughts about what might or might not happen. Downey does say that "syndication executives" think Sony may be working on new game shows for the 2015 season. This is not much of a scoop, since Sony produces the twin towers, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. You'd expect that they might be interested in other game show projects. But Downey has no specifics.

Downey also points out that neither Millionaire nor the new Celebrity Name Game is guaranteed to return in the fall of 2015. Millionaire's drooping ratings are starting to attract attention. As for Craig Ferguson's game show debuting this fall, the mortality rate for new syndie shows of all kinds is scary. We'll see if he can beat the odds.


  1. Casey, any info on how to be a contestant on CNG? I can't find anything with Google. I figured there would be a CNG launched by now

  2. FYI, on your Brooke article, she is also hosting "Motor City Masters" on Trutv as well

  3. The screenshot of Brooke actually shows the Motor City Masters logo. As for Celebrity Name Game, you might try this Reality Wanted casting call: