Sunday, June 22, 2014


Normally The New Republic keeps busy trying to make Obama look good, or at least passable. But recently the site took time for a mild slumming expedition in our little genre. They anointed Alex Trebek "the last great game show host."

The title itself irritates me, because I think the current crop of game show hosts is pretty good. And I generally don't buy that anybody is the "last great" anything. In a few more years (or weeks), somebody else will get the "last great" title. It's just a lazy way of saying that somebody's okay at their job.

The story also takes a swipe at Art Fleming, who did a fine job as host of Jeopardy's first incarnation. (Tell the bratty little New Republic writer that Mr. Fleming only kept the show going on network TV for eleven years. Where it got excellent ratings, thank you.) The story also zips past Trebek's generally conservative politics, so it doesn't offend the tender sensibilities of New Republic readers.

More goodies: the story rips Wheel of Fortune as "little better than a televised jumble puzzle." I bet the bratty little writer couldn't solve the puzzles to save her bratty little life. And there's the standard lament over Jeopardy doing too much pop culture nowadays. Which makes the writer look snooty and bratty. Just to be consistently obnoxious, the writer slams Jeopardy's staff as "older and dowdier" than the apparently glamorous staffs of all those other glamorous shows.

You might have figured out by now that I thought the story sucked.

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