Sunday, June 22, 2014

Rejiggering the Millionaire set

Millionaire continues to mess around with things. Given the ratings trend, I can't blame them. First, a new host. Now a new podium.

The daytime quizzer has gone through so many makeovers, I've lost count. Although the numbers aren't horrendous yet, the ratings have slid far enough that critics may soon start wondering about the show's survival.

The new screens for the contestant and host - if that's what the picture is really showing - probably won't make much difference. Unless a set is aggressively ugly, I don't much care about it and I doubt that most viewers care, either.

Will Terry Crews help the show's faltering fortunes? Darned if I know. Cedric seemed to get a lot of folks upset. They were even bashing his hats, not to mention his jokes and his comments and his general hosting style. I would definitely advise Mr. Crews not to wear any headgear, at least.


  1. Hi Casey,

    Some sudden schedule changes according to the GSN Online Schedule effective tomorrow, June 23rd, which have not been brought up anywhere or shown on the advanced schedules:

    *Steve Harvey's Family Feud will air at 3pm and 3:30pm; replacing syndicated Deal or No Deal.
    *The syndicated version of Deal or No Deal will air at 4pm and 4:30pm; replacing Shop 'Til You Drop
    *Shop 'Til You Drop will air at 5pm and 5:30pm; replacing The Newlywed Game.
    *Mind of a Man picks up the 2am hour every night; replacing Steve Harvey's Family Feud
    *Mind of a Man remains in the 1am hour Wednesday and Friday latenights
    *Mind of a Man remains in the 3am hour Tuesday latenights

    I'm guessing you do not know of these.

    1. I just got the revised pdfs for the next twoo weeks and posted them. If I get any more new pdfs, I'll post them, too.

  2. I thought the adjustments to the syndicated game have really helped the game. The shuffling of categories and the hidden money amounts was a good "modernization" of the game. I think the poor ratings this year is solely on Cedric's shoulders. He was just so wooden that I think he turned some of the Meredith viewers tuned out. Hopefully the new host will revive it.

    1. Millionaire's ratings were declining before Cedric took over. I think the format is just running out of gas. We'll see, but I doubt Terry Crews will change the ratings trend at all.

  3. The thing is it airs in crappy time slots around the country that the show is hardly recognized. Right now, it airs at 3:00pm here, for example. In other places, it varies from 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm (I saw in one affiliate one time). even in the middle of the night in some places, at least I recall seeing it in one area when I was surfing the web one day.

    It's easy for a show to do terrible when it's all over the place. I bet people don't even know when it's on, some of them who don't pay attention anyways. Some may say "The show is still on??!!". With Family Feud, it's time slots didn't vary as much when it was on during the daytime. It mainly varied between 11am and 12pm, here it aired at 11am for back to back episodes on my FOX affiliate but now it airs on CW affiliate here since the time change to 7pm.

    Lots more people work these days, that's why Soap Operas are down in the ratings, and I don't think Price is Right is anything like it used to be. It probably gets fair ratings to keep it on. Face it though, CBS doesn't have anything else to put on. They might as well stick with the fair ratings they get during the day. I assume they're fair or so-so, I don't look at them much.

  4. Millionaire has always aired in different time slots around the country. I don't think that's the problem. The franchise is just getting a little old.

  5. I realize it's always aired in different time slots, but the show has never really been a big hit in syndication.

    What I'm getting at, Family Feud moved into the later afternoon-evening slots because it was improving thanks to Steve. I think it's one chance for Millionaire, and if it didn't work we could just say, "Well, I guess we knew it. The novelty wore off a long time ago."

    We have ABC to thank for the novelty wearing off, putting the show on almost every day of the week. NBC did the same thing with Deal or No Deal. Overkill. That's as bad as what GSN's doing or did with Steve Harvey's Family Feud. And now, the ratings last I saw them on Son Of The Bronx's blog, were dropping from what they used to be. They're respectable numbers, but as I said, when you overkill big shows, ratings drop.

    If GSN, again an example, aired Harvey Feud more wisely and not overkill it, People might want more and keep tuning in each time its on, or record it. People would want more, the way I see it. Now that it's overkill, it's likely they "Hey, its on all the time, I don't need to watch it now." so to speak.

  6. Don't understand your argument. Syndie Millionaire was never the victim of overkill. It's just been on for a long time.

    As for the endless complaints about Harvey Feud getting overused on GSN, the network's numbers are still holding up. The averages have been okay lately, especially the prime time numbers. Not great but hardly terrible.

  7. Oh, one other thing I know you'll like. GSN is giving the oldies a little more time on weekdays mornings. Or on Thursday morning, anyway. Blockbusters and Super Password get double runs on Thursday morning starting the week of June 30. See the new pdfs in the sidebar.

  8. You don't call what ABC did to Millionaire back in the Regis days overkill? Forget Syndie Millionaire for a minute. That's basically doing bad because of ABC's overkill back in the day.

    Regis would disagree. He didn't use the word "overkill" I don't think, but he basically was saying that. He was on the Late Late Show in May if you didn't see it. I think Regis would also disagree with the format changes since then. To make it easier just skip to the 7:00 mark and around there it'll come.

  9. The novelty wore off when it was ABC in its 5th year in prime time.

    As for Harvey Feud, not terrible, but I don't think they're the best compared to last year or a couple years ago when it was new to GSN. (I think it came to GSN in 2012).

    It's probably still number 1, but thats not saying much for the numbers compared to last year or a couple years ago. Once upon a time, Harvey Feud, Bible, 5th Grader, etc. dominated the network.

    Smooth Move for GSN!

  10. This is getting to be silly, but I still don't understand how ABC's overuse of Millionaire in 2001 has anything to do with syndie Millionaire's problems in 2014. I can't see how anything ABC did over a decade ago has any influence on the syndicated version today.

    The syndie has lasted a long time and changed significantly from the ABC version. So it make no sense to argue that ABC killed the syndie with overuse of a very different brand of Millionaire more than ten years ago. I just think the syndie has gotten tired after a very long run. It happens to almost every show sooner or later, regardless of what ABC did to some other show a long time ago.

    As for GSN, the network enjoyed its most watched month ever in January, 2014 and its most watched quarter ever in the first quarter of 2014. The numbers have softened a little since then but are still more than respectable. I know that oldies fans always dump on GSN, but its demise just ain't happening. Sorry.

  11. Don't be sorry. I'm happy for GSN. Do you think you really know everything about nothing?

    You're missing the point Casey, I can't have an argument with you without being "wrong". Good blog, but you could really use other bloggers on here other than you, who thinks he knows it all. I'm not the only one who thinks that.

    You have good information like ratings and schedules, etc. But your ego is a bit too big for your head. I'm done.