Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ratings: Jeopardy still in a tie

Julia Collins helped keep Alex in a dead heat with Pat and Vanna in household ratings. But really the news was a downer for syndie game shows in the May 19-25 week. They all lost ground. You have to expect that as warmer weather beckons. TV by the Numbers brings the sour ratings

Wheel of Fortune 6.3 – down five ticks
Jeopardy 6.3 – down the same five ticks to stay neck and neck
Family Feud 4.8 – down four ticks
Millionaire 2.0 – down a couple ticks as poor Cedric can’t catch a break

The big multicolored wheel edged the six-by-five board by an ever so slight margin in viewer average. Wheel of Fortune 9.9 million (weekend repeat 4.3 million), Jeopardy 9.8 million, Family Feud 7.1 million, Millionaire 2.7 million. For once Pat and Vanna didn't lead all syndies in total viewers. Judge Judy nudged past them.

TV Newser says GSN endured a very so-so May 26-June 1 week. 306K/240K viewer averages prime time/total day. Far from disastrous by the network's historical standards, but quite soft compared to recent numbers.


  1. I suspect Craig Ferguson's Celebrity Name Game and maybe Let's Ask America will get higher ratings than WWTBAM this Fall-Winter.

  2. We'll see. I'm on record predicting that the numbers will keep falling with Terry Crews. But who knows?