Sunday, June 15, 2014

Daddy's day

This father of two knows what today is. So I can't resist the video of Alex Trebek and his daughter Emily on The Talk, which has bounced around the web.

Almost always, I can definitely resist The Talk and all the rest of the female yakkers, but this segment actually plays the Jeopardy think music. Plus we get some embarrassing family photos from the good old days. What more could you want?

I can't help noticing that Julie Chen's hair is getting bigger as she gets older. By the time she's 80, her hair may have grown to fill the Milky Way Galaxy. Anyway, Alex is charming as always on the segment, with self-deprecating humor about how he's usually mistaken for Pat Sajak, though Sajak is never mistaken for him. His daughter seems appropriately filial, with lots of praise for Alex's parenting skills.

In another game show note, Carnie Wilson shows up as one of the guest yakkers on the segment. It's a little hard to remember, but she hosted Sherriwed on GSN before there was Sherri. Her relationship with the network ended in a nasty lawsuit over a reality show. They eventually settled, and GSN ran an old Newlywed Game ep of hers as a peace offering.

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