Saturday, June 14, 2014


Everybody looks for an edge. In the U.S. the need to cheat led to a little game show rumpus back in the 1950s.

In Spain folks take such things more lightly, it seems. A bottle blonde model named Adrianna Abenia brought along a mobile phone - between her legs, naturally - to get clues when she played on a quizzer. Everybody thought the cheating was a hoot. Just shows what being a bottle blonde can do for you. By the way, what's with that big red bulb on the show? (See the screenshot.) Looks almost phallic, in a big red bulbous sort of way.

The Anglosphere frowns upon game show cheating somewhat more, whether or not bottle blondes are doing it. Ask Charles Ingram, the guy who used suspicious coughing on the British Millionaire. Or the producers of Fox's abortive Our Little Genius, who had to pull the show before it was aired. The little geniuses were getting a little under-the-table help with the questions.

Cheating on a game show is still literally a federal crime. To my knowledge nobody's ever served the one-year sentence, but there could always be a desperate producer or contestant who might try something. Maybe not a mobile phone between the legs, though.

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