Friday, June 6, 2014

Another day, another fail

Game show fails race around the Internet. The latest is some poor sap not recognizing a lyric from an ancient Jan and Dean song on a Wheel of Fortune toss-up. Instead, he coughed up: "Surf clay, where we go."

Lots of folks have chuckled over whatever surf clay is supposed to be. Maybe it's playdough that some kid left on the beach. And several have also pointed out that "go" is not spelled c-o-m-e.

Okay, I'll admit that I recognized "Surf city, here we come." But I hate to think what may have emerged from my dry mouth if I faced the lights and pressure as an actual Wheel of Fortune contestant. I might have said: "Surf copy, bore me home." Or some other intelligent guess.

Yes, it's a cliche to remind everybody that game shows are a lot easier to play from a couch in your den. But that won't stop the Net hilarity over awkward contestant fails. At least Stephen Dryer, the hapless Wheel contestant, eventually took home $7,200.

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