Friday, May 30, 2014

What it's all about

There's been a bit of tsuris on the blog lately. It goes with the territory.

As my bio says, I'm a veteran of game show wars on the Internet. But once in a while, it's nice to remind myself of what the genre is all about: people playing games on TV for fun and sometimes profit. And they can't wait to try out for the experience.

This story tells about one more episode in the life of the Wheelmobile, the 36-foot van which tours the country hunting for wannabe Wheel of Fortune players. There's nothing particularly special about this appearance in Detroit. But it's nice to hear from some of the folks dreaming of a date with Pat and Vanna.

"I think that it's people who work with words — that have word magic in their heads." That's how one of the wannabes describes himself and the other hopefuls. It is magic in a way, a chance for very ordinary people to have a few minutes on TV just because they're good with word puzzles. No matter how hectic things get around here, I always have to remember that game shows are a lot of fun, after all.

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