Monday, May 26, 2014

The long run

GSN is now running a Memorial Day marathon of Steve Harvey's Family Feud. Okay, you can make snide remarks that GSN runs a marathon of Harvey Feud every day. Just remember the endless (well, not literally) marathons on every other cable outlet today.

Hollywood Reporter has posted a list of fifty-eight - I counted 'em - Memorial Day weekend marathons on TV. Oddly enough, they don't list the load of Feud on GSN. Maybe they figure that GSN runs a marathon of Mr. Harvey every day, too. So why bother noting today's effort?

I'm not sure when the holiday marathon got to be a TV staple. GSN has used them forever, but GSN itself only dates back twenty years. Wikipedia insists that TV marathons began in 1985 on Nick at Nite. By the way, the article notes GSN's frequent marathons when a famous game show figure dies.

There's a natural link between TV marathons and the current fad of binge watching. The ultimate debauch may be FXX's planned 12-day, 552-episode Simpsons orgy. So far GSN hasn't even tried that with Steve Harvey.

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