Thursday, May 29, 2014

Silliest recent post about game shows

And I'm not responsible for it! (Hard to believe, I know.)

The Huffington Post, gleefully scrambled by its detractors into the Puffington Host, has taken note of Julia Collins' run on Jeopardy. Only the site insists that Julia isn't getting her fair share of attention.

It's quite possible that the HuffPo scribe hasn't heard of Google News. But anybody who types "Julia Collins" into that little box at Google gets back a scad of links. They tell us everything we could possibly want to know about Jeopardy's smiling assassin. We even learn about her eighth-grade yearbook, for crying out loud.

As you might expect from the prevailing winds (of hot air) at HuffPo, the site tries to pin the supposed lack of coverage, which doesn't exist in the first place, on gender. That would be the "war on women" meme, for those who have been living under a rock. But that seems a stretch even for HuffPo. So they blather on about how Julia isn't as irritating as Arthur Chu, which apparently is unfair somehow.

Anyway, Julia won again tonight to tie David Madden for second place on the list of longest winning streaks. Back in 2005, did the then-new HuffPo complain that David wasn't getting enough coverage? I doubt it.


  1. Old White Man Complains That Sexism Doesn't Exist; More At 11

  2. You're right, I'm old and white and a man. The HuffPo story is still a hoot, though. Like Julia isn't getting any coverage. Do these guys even look at the Internet? I mean, they're on the Internet, right? You'd think they could run a Google News search.

  3. You're Useless. They're Not Saying That Julia Isn't Getting Any Coverage; They're Saying That The Coverage She Is Getting Isn't Commensurate To The Skill She's Playing At, And One Reason For That May Be Because She's A Woman.

  4. You don't have to capitalize every word. And please skip the personal insults. They just sound silly.

    Anyway, who decides what coverage is "commensurate"? I think that every bit of bandwidth devoted to the Kardashians is wasted. Others obviously disagree, because they keep getting gigabytes of bandwidth.

    You think that Julia should be getting more than her already extensive coverage. Somebody who hates game shows might think that she doesn't deserve a line anywhere on the Internet.

    The point is, the easiest Google search turns up a large number of stories about Julia. Maybe the HuffPo scribe hasn't heard about Google, I dunno. But HuffPo says, in black and white, that "few people seem to have noticed" Julia. Well, for hardly anybody noticing her, she's getting a ton of coverage.

    Not to mention ten million people watching her every night.

  5. You're An Idiot. The Huffington Post Article You're Citing Was Published A Week Ago, After She Won Her 15th Game. Before That Point, The Press Surrounding Her Was Scant Compared To The Press That Previous Double-Digit-Winner Arthur Chu Had In A Shorter Amount Of Time. Now That She Has Tied A Major Milestone In The Show's History, She Is Getting More Coverage. Even The Link You Share To A Google Search (Great Reporting, Jackass) Mostly Shows Stories That Have Been Published Days After The HuffPo Article Was Written. Dumbass.

  6. Julia was already attracting plenty of notice when the HuffPo story appeared, as any Google search could have told them. And as the coverage has continued to roll in, they haven't bothered to correct their obviously and increasingly silly assertion that few people seem to have noticed her.

    Your obnoxious language is right on the line for this blog. Please read "legalities and technicalities." I've only removed one comment in this blog's history for language, but you're getting close to the second.

    Profanity and obscenity is not welcome here. If you don't like the rules, sorry, but there are plenty of other blogs.

  7. The Problem With Your Line Of Reasoning Is That It's Unfounded. This Chart From Buzzer Blog Charts The Amount Of Google Results (Your Metric Of Success) Based On How Many Games Both Arthur And Julia Have Played:

    It Clearly Shows That Arthur Garnered Far More Attention In A Shorter Amount Of Time Than Julia. Do You Understand How News Works? They Don't Have To Correct An Article Written A Week Ago To Say "Whoops Never Mind" Because Mentalities Change. I Cannot Believe People Would Read And Pay Attention To Your Drivel When Other Websites Actually Use Critical Thinking Skills To Make Points That Are Logical, You Fat Turd.

  8. HuffPo asserted that "few people seem to have noticed" Julia Collins. This assertion was demonstrably false at the time and has become completely ridiculous as the large tide of coverage has continued to wash in.

    Did Arthur Chu get more coverage? Maybe, but that hardly supports the absurd notion that "few people" have noticed Julia, a goofy comment that remains uncorrected by HuffPo.

    Again, your obnoxious language is riding right on the line for this blog. For those who may be offended by the language, I apologize. This commenter is an AOL user hiding behind an anonymous ID. I'll monitor the comments closely and will remove them if they go further with crude language.

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