Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ratings: Alex ties Pat and Vanna

Jeopardy's battle of the decades didn't just pay off for Brad Rutter. The show itself benefited, tying Wheel of Fortune for the top spot in household ratings among syndie game shows. Pat and Vanna still won the viewer average race among all syndies. So I'll give them the tiebreaker. In general, our little genre had a lot to be happy about during the May 12-18 week. TV by the Numbers spreads the joy…

Wheel of Fortune 6.8 – up three ticks
Jeopardy 6.8 – up four ticks to pull into the tie
Family Feud 5.2 – up three ticks as everybody gets healthy
Millionaire 2.2 – up a tick for soon-to-depart Cedric

The viewer averages gave the big multicolored wheel its usual triumph. Wheel of Fortune 10.7 million (weekend repeat 4.6 million), Jeopardy 10.5 million, Family Feud 7.5 million, Millionaire 2.8 million. A pleasant week for all concerned.

American Bible Challenge didn't blow the Nielsen doors off. But at least it helped GSN prime time a bit. The viewer averages were 333K/243K prime time/total day for the May 19-25 week. I backed these numbers out from the monthly figures on TV Newser.

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