Monday, May 5, 2014

Cheap date

As various networks have done their upfronts, our little genre is getting a few new entrants, or possible entrants.

I've posted some items on History's upcoming Pawnography quizzer. And as many noted when Craig Ferguson announced his departure from CBS, his Celebrity Name Game arrives this fall.

Syfy slipped a small note into their press releases about developing Geeks Who Drink, a live pub quizzer, into a TV show. The network probably figures the title describes their fanbase pretty well. Syfy previously got a few good numbers from Jaleel White's Total Blackout, though the show didn't last long.

These projects remind everybody of game shows' enduring advantage: they're cheap. If a network wants to try a game show, they don't have to spend huge money on actors, writers, scripts, directors, rehearsals, and everything else needed for dramas or comedies. And if they get lucky with a game show, it's a cinch to churn out more episodes.

Just ask GSN. They've survived for twenty years because their products generally don't cost an arm and a leg.