Monday, April 21, 2014

Quiz a pawnbroker

Reality Wanted - do they truly want reality, or do they already have enough? - wants you for a Pawn Stars quizzer.

I watched a few too many Pawn Stars episodes and finally got tired of the haggling in the Gold and Silver shop. Rick Harrison, the know-it-all owner, has called his TV effort "sort of like a game show because everyone wants to know if they win in the end." Well, now they seem to be making a real game show, or at least one episode. The Harrison clan wants contestants for a trivia contest.

The casting call puts it this way: "Go head to head against Rick, Corey and Chumlee in a simple trivia game show for a chance to win coveted items from the world famous Gold and Silver pawnshop." (World famous? Wowie-zowie.)

I'd take my chances against Chumlee in a quizzer. He doesn't look like he would trouble Ken Jennings too much in a test of knowledge. I'm not sure about Corey and I really don't want to mess with Rick. He appears to have picked up reams of useless trivia from his dealings with the pawned artifacts of western civilization.

For instance, I got the screenshot from a YouTube lecture of Rick's on king cobras. If he knows that much about snakes, I'm not competing with him in trivia.

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