Friday, April 4, 2014

Dave's turkey

As critics are wailing from east coast to west coast and occasionally in-between, David Letterman will retire next year. The pundits must really like stupid human tricks. Letterman was getting beat up in the ratings, which probably just makes the critics love him more.

A faux tweet noted that before he got to be a critic's fave in late night, Letterman was known to appear in our little genre. In 1977 he also hosted an abortive game show pilot called The Riddlers. Thanks to the magic of YouTube, you can watch the whole misguided thing.

GSN ran the pilot as part of a Thanksgiving turkey special, as in game show turkeys. Letterman did okay on the show, such as it was, but nobody much cared for the format. So the turkey was spurned and gobbled off into dusty show biz history.

You can probably tell from the snark that I'm not heartbroken by Letterman's sooner or later retirement. The little I've seen of his show over the years hasn't made me want to watch more. I could reverse-count ten reasons why, but I'll just say farewell...whenever he actually leaves.

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