Sunday, March 23, 2014

Everybody's a critic

You might have noticed that game show fans are full of advice. Or full of something. (Not to mention any names, Casey Abell.) The advice gets really loud and long about our little game show network, GSN.

The screenshot shows four consecutive Tumblr posts from Game Show Confessions. Click on the image to read the comments more easily. Everybody's got their ideas for what GSN should do or shouldn't do. A couple are older-is-better posts, a familiar sight for anybody who wanders the game show interwebs. By the way, "classic" is game show internet code for any show produced before 1990 - don't ask me why that year is so special - whether the show sucked or not.

As I mentioned a few posts back, I dissent from the orthodox view in one post that GSN's remake of Lingo with Bill Engvall was bad. I like the humor and the extra twist to the gameplay with the sometimes misleading clues. As for another post's suggestion that GSN check out repeats of Hollywood Game Night, I wouldn't be amazed to see the show surface on the network after its NBC run is finished.

Most of all, I agree with the poster who reassures everybody that GSN is fine. The bottom line, after all, is the bottom line. And GSN is flush right now, with record viewership and plenty of money to spend.


  1. 1990 was the year a lot of game shows were revived and didn't last long: LMAD, To Tell the Truth, Match Game Joker's Wild, Tic Tac DOugh. SOme people didn't like the revivals of Joker and Tic for various reasons. All five syndicated shows and the three network revivals launched that Summer and Fall were gone by Summer 1991(DAvidson Pyramid launched in January 1991 and did make it 65 episodes into season two before being cancelled). Not many game shows bowed in syndication after that Fall for several years, and only NBC launched new games in daytime(all came and went in 1993) after that until LMAD on CBS in 2009

  2. I still don't know what's so special about 1990, except that it's divisible by 10. Frankly, I think 1999 was a much more significant year for game shows with the U.S. debut of Millionaire and the return of the genre to prominence. For that matter, 1994 is more significant because GSN started, the first-ever network devoted to game shows. Both those events had much longer-lasting significance for the genre than the short-lived revivals you mention.

    1990 is a purely arbitrary year selected by older-is-better diehards to distinguish their beloved "classics" from all that newer stuff they dislike.

  3. I think HGN may be on GSN under its own version like Minute and 1 vs. 100 did.

  4. What happened to the GSN credit crunch?

  5. The famous credit crunch! Somebody tried their best to ruin the superb What's My Line episode guide by putting a complaint about the credit crunch into every flipping entry. Luckily, the guide is so good that not even this stupidity could ruin it.

    Of course, every network in existence crunches credits, if they show them at all.

  6. Looks like gsn has been having some technical problems since Saturday. No logo on the bottom of the screen, no rating for the shows, and no credit crunches.