Monday, March 17, 2014

April approaches

Since he's going to be doing his own syndie game show this fall, it makes sense for Craig Ferguson to pick up a little experience. So in an April Fools switch, Craig will take over The Price is Right while Drew Carey and company occupy the Late Late Show. At least it will get Ferguson a lot bigger audience than usual. About five times as big, in fact.

USA Today runs a jokey story about the switch, complete with cutesy-pie video. Ferguson advises Carey not to be too Scottish, which shouldn't be hard for Drew. The two also hark back to their "marriage" on Carey's ancient sitcom. "But you know, [Drew's] nice, and he brings me a present every now and then. Just kind of keeps it fresh. Wears lingerie."

I'm personally not ready for Drew Carey in lingerie, and I hope this doesn't give him any ideas for the late night show. This isn't quite the Sajak/Trebek April Fools switch of many years ago, but at least it will give each guy something different to do.


  1. I love Craig, I watch him regularly on the Late Late Show.

  2. To be honest, I hardly ever watch any of the late night shows, except for occasional bits on the Internet. Ferguson usually draws a little over a million viewers. He'll get a lot more on TPiR. This may be CBS's way of getting him more exposure and helping his late night numbers.