Monday, February 24, 2014

Wayback machine

Boing Boing couldn't resist stringing together twenty intros to 1950s game shows. The effect is a little numbing. After a while you get tired of orchestral flourishes and hosts entering to rounds of polite applause. But what they hey, the clips create a sweet, goofball nostalgia trip.

Of course, there's that one little issue, which the blog notes. "Most of the shows featured in this video were legit, a few of them weren't." Just to remind us, we get Jack Barry kicking off Twenty One as if a real contest was about to begin. Much further down the road Jack would land on his feet with Joker's Wild, but we know what happened in between.

Some of the shows are obscure and pretty much forgotten. But The Price is Right is still kicking, though with drastic format changes. The first TPiR host is pictured, and he's rather famous. My own 1950s favorite, I've Got a Secret, never arrives among the clips. But we do catch a glimpse of Hal Block on a truly ancient episode of What's My Line. The guy usually seemed ill at ease with his cultured confreres, and this clip is no exception.

Time always wins, and it's a sad fact that only two of the hosts in the intro reel are still with us. Tom Kennedy and Sonny Fox are going strong in their eighties.

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