Monday, February 10, 2014


The game show board at TV Without Pity offers a lively thread about Match Game, my all-time favorite and that includes everything.

Somehow the talk always gets around to Richard Dawson. Funny how Richard exerts such a gravitational pull on Match Game threads. A recent post at TV Without Pity notes that Behind the Blank, GSN's 2006 documentary about the classic, seemed edited to make Gene Rayburn look good and Mr. Dawson look...not so good. In fact, critics spotted the slant as soon as the documentary debuted.

After all this time it's useless to rehash the old arguments. Let's just say that things didn't work out between Richard and his confreres. Another post at TV Without Pity wryly recalls Johnny Olson's opening pitch: "Get ready to match the stars!" The poster comments that not many of the Match Game panelists were really "stars" by the usual show biz standards. Though after the show got to be daytime's highest-rated, maybe a little star quality began to attach.

Another poster can't remember Brett Somers in anything before Match Game. Actually, she played quite a few character actress roles on TV before the game show, as her IMDb page attests. A few years ago I spotted her in an episode of Efrem Zimbalist's The FBI on one of the oldies channels.