Wednesday, February 5, 2014

GSN notes

A couple of GSN press releases landed in my inbox over the past few days.

The first announced the host and judges for Skin Wars, that reality project which seemed to have gone off the radar completely. Now it's back in sight and Rebecca Romijn is set to host. "There is no more compelling canvas for artists than the human body and Skin Wars is the first ever competition show designed to find the country's most talented, most versatile body painting artist."

Why does this not fill me with glee? Maybe I'm thinking about all those other reality epics that have come and gone (usually in a hurry) on GSN. RuPaul is the celeb judge, along with a couple other judges I've never heard of but who are supposedly big in body painting. Eight hour-long bouts of epidermal decoration are due this summer. By the way, I used the most adorable picture of Rebecca Romijn I could find, because I didn't want to seem overly biased against her GSN project.

In more reassuring news, GSN also says that January, 2014 was their most watched month ever in total viewers and lots of different demos. (I've gotten to the age where demo talk leaves me a little cold and clammy.) The total day numbers I'd seen for the last few weeks did look impressive. So congrats to the network as they begin their twentieth year on a high.


  1. Rebecca Romijn would be better off hosting a revival, of Dog Eat Dog on GSN, then this crap here.

  2. Funny thing, I once suggested a revival of Dog Eat Dog on the late, lamented GSN Internet board. It does sound more promising than...body painting??

  3. Skin Wars will be a huge reality failure. Does not fit into GSN's demo. Word and survey games do.

    Notice that the January 2014 numbers were driven by real game shows like The Chase and Family Feud, where Mind of a Man was included in the PR as well.

  4. I can possibly see Mind of a Man on its way out. It's ratings are hardly convincing to me, I mean, am I looking at the same ratings everyone else is?

  5. The saving grace for Mind of a Man is that it skews relatively young for a GSN show. But the overall viewer numbers are bad.

  6. Thanks for explaining. Yeah, just because it really skews young, I don't see it sticking. The overall numbers aren't impressive.