Monday, February 17, 2014


An interesting thread on what's left of what used to be Matt Ottinger's board discusses "anticlimactic" moments on game shows. One poster mentions the final spin on Wheel of Fortune when one contestant is way ahead and the spin doesn't hit the $5,000 wedge.

It's true, that situation pretty much guarantees there won't be a last-minute upset of the big winner. But as another poster points out, that doesn't meant the final spin round becomes completely anticlimactic. He argues:
I disagree, since they're still playing for a reasonable amount of cash. It may not determine the winner, but the subcockles of my heart are warmed at least a little if the poor guy who spun Bankrupt three times gets to take home $4,350 thanks to the speed-up round.
I'm not sure my heart has subcockles or even regular cockles. But I can see the point. If the wheel has screwed over a contestant royally, the last chance for some cash in the final spin round makes things not so anticlimactic, even if the big winner is not in doubt. It's just another example of how Wheel's gameplay is pretty well designed. The show hasn't lasted several centuries by accident.

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