Friday, September 6, 2013

Syndie shifts

What's left of what used to be Matt Ottinger's board chews over upcoming changes in timeslots and stations for the syndie game shows. For the most part the shifts look minor, just a few switches here and there.

The big syndie story over the past couple years has been the rise of Steve Harvey's Family Feud. The show got a lot of better timeslots and stations, thanks to its improved ratings. In a virtuous cycle (from Steve's POV) the better slots helped the ratings even more.

But nothing very big looks to be happening this fall. Let's Ask America will debut on a few more Scripps stations, as the media group seems to like the show. And as if woeful Baggage hasn't garnered enough bad news, the show will lose its New York outlet WPIX. Not that it was attracting a ginormous audience at 3:30AM, anyway.

My guess for the next big thing in syndie game shows is Let's Ask America going nationwide. At least I think Scripps might eventually try to sell the show to other station groups. They've spruced up the survey-fest with a new set for this season.

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