Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New digs for asking America

Hollywood Junket brings us pictures and a report from the second season of Let's Ask America. The new season debuts September 9, and the set and logo do look sleeker compared to the rumpled, homey surroundings of the first year. Hollywood Junket points out the similarities to the Jeopardy set, and there are some reminders.

The host hasn't changed. Kevin Pereira returns for more survey questions on issues which concern all Americans. Like which celebs did maids say were the worst guests? Inquiring minds want to know.

I like the show, even if surveys are getting a little threadbare after Family Feud has done them for 287 years. Pereira runs things competently and sometimes hazards a quip or three. The money is pretty picayune because the show is still confined to just a few Scripps stations. But who knows? If the numbers hold up in the second go-round, Scripps may try nationwide syndication.

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