Thursday, September 12, 2013

It spins again

Now that I've polished off Jeopardy's press release, it's time for Pat and Vanna's turn...of the wheel, you might say.

The biggest news in the Wheel of Fortune release leaked a long time ago. There will be a new "Express" wedge on the wheel, which will set off a rapid-fire letter-guessing game by the lucky (we hope) contestant. That is, if the contestant decides to play. See the release for all the juicy, consonant-y and vowel-y details.

The new season debuts September 16 with episodes taped in Vegas. They play a lot of games in that city, I hear. The release has some other news about viewer sweepstakes and such. You can read all about it.

Pat and Vanna return. What if, on some distant day in some distant galaxy, Pat and Vanna didn't come back for a new season? That might punch a hole in the space-time continuum and collapse the known universe. Which could be bad for this blog.

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