Monday, September 2, 2013

Cedric entertains

Just watched Cedric Kyles (a.k.a. the Entertainer) work his "first day on the job" at Millionaire. The guy looked relaxed and at home, and even squeezed in a few cracks that were wise. For instance, after he did an elaborate handshake with his second contestant, an 18-year-old Jewish kid named Nicholas, Cedric announced that he was his brother from a different mother. Okay, a canned line but still ingratiating.

In fact, after what I always regarded as the rather dry and chilly Meredith Vieira, the chummy and just-folks Cedric was a pleasant change. I don't know if he can lift Millionaire's ratings as his comedy mate Steve Harvey has done with Family Feud. The quizzer's tight format might be a bit too confining for any host to have an enormous impact. But I don't think Cedric will hurt the numbers.

There was one odd moment, though it was hardly Cedric's fault. His very first contestant was a black guy named Terrill with an, er, emphatic fashion sense. (At least if the shiny black scarf was any indication.) Terrill rolled up a nice bankroll and seemed to be getting along fine with Cedric. Then came a question asking for the name of the current NAACP president.

Now maybe the NAACP ain't what it used to be. But even this crotchety old white blogger knew the organization's president is Benjamin Jealous. But with two African-American guys on stage, the question crashed to an inglorious wrong response. Sorry, Terrill, hope you enjoy the pity $1,000.


  1. Do you get it as a double run? Second show had a new way of playing the audience game. Cedric selects the contestant at random. No more "read it from the card" like Meredith did. Don't worry, these second run shows will probably air again down the road. The first 3 weeks of shows are new in both slots until the 23rd

  2. Didn't get a double run today in my DFW market. The double runs start tomorrow at 1:00PM.

  3. Yeah, today's show "2" is really good. Somebody you hear all the time on your cell phone is a contestant. You'll see.

  4. He's OK. Seems to have a genuine interest in the contestant's success, and is not showing a tendency to drag the show into the sewer like on Family Feud.

    But would it kill him to say the name of the show? Merideth didn't do it in ten years. The name of the show is Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. At least once a season could the host say it?