Friday, August 23, 2013

Time's arrow

A fan site posts a bunch of then-and-now photos of game show hosts. Most have aged pretty well. Better than me, anyway, though that's not saying much.

The biggest surprise: Chuck Barris looks rather wise and mellow in his old age. Those are not words I ever thought would be associated with Chuck. Some of us grow up later than other people. Bob Barker has seen better days, but the guy is pushing 90, after all. I just hope I'm still around to push 90, no matter what I look like.

Somehow, Chris Hardwick looks younger than when he hosted Singled Out back in the day. Must be the spiky hair. Meanwhile, Chuck Woolery keeps getting handsomer. By the time he reaches 100, he could be the most attractive guy in history. Anne Robinson looks as pinched and astringent as, maybe, the day she was born.

Kirk Fogg is the least recognizable in his later incarnation. Really wouldn't have known who he was. The Legends days were longer ago than I care to think. Time always wins.

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