Saturday, August 17, 2013


Discovery Channel is sitting on a kind of game show called Pawn in the Game. It's a combo of Pawn Stars and Cash Cab. Customers of a Branson, MO pawn shop play a trivia game to try to get a better price for their beloved items.

The show was supposed to debut sometime this month, but now the premiere date looks hazy. Hm, sounds like somebody isn't sold on the pawning.

Personally, I wish Discovery would just bring back the real cabbie show. What's Ben Bailey doing nowadays, anyway? I figure it would cost maybe $9.95 to put 40 new eps on the air. That was one of the great things about Cash Cab. It was dirt cheap but terrifically entertaining.

This new pawn show only has eight episodes on the shelf, and the taping wrapped way back in May. I get the feeling we won't see it any time soon, if at all.