Sunday, August 25, 2013

Newtonian physics

Hollywood Junket has posted an interview with Todd Newton, versatile game show host noted for everything from The Price is Right's live show to GSN original Whammy to the Hub's kid gamer Family Game Night. Todd's an Emmy-winner for his efforts, but he's always been a bit controversial on the game show Interwebs...and in the game show business, for that matter.

Nobody disputes the guy's ability. Everybody agrees that he can run a game show. Hollywood Junket calls him a "host's host...who is actually well-known for hosting, and not for something else before taking on a game show." The main criticism is that he's too smooth, too much of a slick operator who does things by rote. Former The Price is Right showrunner Roger Dobkowitz put it this way when Todd auditioned to succeed Bob Barker:
Unfortunately, and I think it was because of The Price Is Right live-on-stage shows that he was doing at that time, he came across a little mechanical and, as some people described him, as slick. The grind of doing live-on-stage shows to a new audience each night might have caused him to be more mechanical.
I dunno, if a guy knows what he's doing, as Todd undoubtedly does on a game show, I'm willing to forgive some so-called slickness. One thing's for sure. He's kept Family Game Night going for four seasons, despite rumors of the show's demise which surfaced before the third season. Good luck with the new episodes.