Monday, August 19, 2013

Likable ratings

At Game Show Network News Scott Rahner notes that Richard Karn's Family Feud is getting good numbers in the noon hour. Karn has always done well for GSN later in the afternoon. Now his noon ratings are helping to revive the networks early afternoon schedule, which was drooping after all the oldies in the morning.

Except Karn Feud is an oldie itself by now, by any standard except those of the game show Interwebs. Despite eternal reruns, the other Richard's Feud continues to appeal to GSN's audience. I've written about this before, but the secret is Karn's likability. People feel comfortable with Mr. Everyman. That's why he gets all the infomercial gigs.

Karn has never gotten the credit he deserves for reviving syndie Feud after three seasons of the visibly bored Louie Anderson. Eventually the producers dumped Karn for John O'Hurley, who was a hot commodity after his turn on Dancing With the Stars. I personally like O'Hurley, but his patrician airs can grate on the hoi polloi. That's why Feud's producers then summoned Steve Harvey, who is about as anti-patrician as any host can get.

Millionaire's showrunners are trying the same approach with Cedric Kyles. We'll see how The Entertainer works on a serious quizzer. Meanwhile, I wish some game show producer would give Mr. Karn another chance.

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