Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kill the karaoke

Game Show Garbage is running a poll on, what else, the worst game show of 2012-13.

One of the nominees isn't even a game show but some talent contest. The other four choices range from blah to godawful. For me the vote is easy: Killer Karaoke. This sweet effort tormented folks with shock collars and other amusing torture devices. And miles of stupendous drug abuse have vaporized whatever brain matter Steve-O might once have possessed.

So far not many have voted in the poll, but somehow Bet On Your Baby is leading. I gave the show a so-so review, but it was winsome and charming compared to the Karaoke atrocity. At least Melissa Peterman and friends didn't torture the kids.

The other two shows didn't thrill me but were hardly horrendous: Winner Take All and The Choice. One was a tepid retread of the prisoner's dilemma, the other was a ho-hum dating show. Of course, Game Show Garbage has to exaggerate their horribleness to end of western civilization dimensions.