Friday, August 16, 2013

Hey guys, he's just a kid

By now I'm as tired as everybody else of the Jeopardy spelling ruckus on kids week. So when I stopped by Game Show Garbage and saw a commentary on the ruckus, I was more bored than anything else.

But then I got a little ornery when I actually read the comments. First, I agree with GSG's take that the misspelling didn't make any difference to the outcome of the game.

But then the site indulges in the kind of talk that they have unfortunately become famous for. They seem to forget that they're writing about an eighth grader, as they rip poor Thomas Hurley a new one and then another new one. "[Almost] bawling like a baby on stage...look like a fool...cheated out the other contestants of their time in the spotlight...completely and utterly ridiculous...acting like nothing short of a spoiled silly he has acted." They even quote another guy who prophesies that Thomas might have "a pretty disappointing life ahead of him."

Yeah, it's just like the site absurdly exaggerating the horribleness of some obscure game show nobody has ever heard of or cared about. The problem here is that they're attacking a kid who did nothing except look and sound less than thrilled about losing on a game show (and getting lectured by a less than gracious Alex about his bad spelling). Big deal. Cut the kid some slack.

By the way, I bet Thomas' life won't be any more disappointing than the average game show blogger's existence.

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