Monday, August 5, 2013

Helpful hints

Once in a while, how-to stories turn up for wannabe contestants on game shows.

Today we get some tips from LAist for would-be Let's Make a Deal winners. The first hint is obvious: dress accordingly. Which means dress in something weird and noticeable. This show does not award brownie points for tasteful understatement in the garment department. The other hints sound like lots of tips I've read for lots of other game shows: be personable, be decisive, and listen carefully to the host.

There's also a hint to follow the show on Twitter, which might actually make some sense. Might as well check out the kind of deals the show is making lately.

The story also quotes a happy-sounding Wayne Brady. Does the busy schedule get him down? Not at all. "I don't have to keep my energy level up because this is my gig. There's no real work to keep up my energy because that's part of the job." This is a nice change for Wayne, who occasionally sounds uncomfortable in interviews about getting pegged as a game show host.

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