Friday, August 30, 2013

Giving it a rest

As the previous post noted after endless updates, 5th Grader is departing GSN's schedule, at least temporarily.

The show has certainly served the network well. It was still getting decent numbers on weekday afternoons and Sunday nights. I don't know if GSN's lease ran out or if the network just decided that you can only abuse a limited run so much. But the show is gone after September 15.

I like the quizzer because the kids are cute and Jeff Foxworthy is a thoroughly pleasant host. The pace is lackadaisical, but what else would you expect from a Millionaire descendant? The questions are reasonably challenging, and the show builds decent suspense. GSN has never run the 5th Grader syndie, which could be a nice addition to the schedule one of these days.

The network desperately needs even more Family Feud - sarcasm alert - so O'Hurley's version takes over 5th Grader's weekday afternoon slot. I loves me my Feud, but even for me there's a limit.


  1. I left a post on the post from yesterday.

    5th Grader leaving: Purely ridiculous. You can't call 5th Grader's numbers just "decent". They were "Great", at worst.

    GSN must be too cheap to pick up another 2-year lease.

    Another O'Hurley hour: Seriously? Family Feud now covers 5 of 11 daytime programming hours.

  2. Oh, I'm not that upset. 5th Grader can use some time off. I doubt it was a money issue for the lease. GSN is flush right now. I agree that Feud is getting ridiculous, but the show still brings in the numbers.

  3. Why an O'Hurley hour at 1pm weekdays? Harvey would do just fine, and get much better numbers.

    And how come 5th Grader drops from the schedule when shows like Million Dollar Password and 1 vs 100 stayed on for as long as they did?

    I also can't wait to announce Monday that Minute to Win It has been cancelled, again.

  4. Minute To Win It is fine with me. I like stupid human tricks.