Friday, August 9, 2013


GSN once called traditional game shows "shiny floor shows." Well, now BuzzerBlog is running pictures of The Price is Right's new set. And it's got, wait for it, a really shiny floor.

Which sets off much chatter on Golden Road. I dunno, my TPiR-indifference truly kicks in over a floor. But I'm sure that many fans of the show will note the shininess and argue about it at length. The discussion has already started and the new season hasn't even debuted yet.

Jeopardy also gets a new set for its upcoming season, though no pictures have surfaced. will probably talk about the new set a lot whenever we get the first glimpses. The show already has a blindingly shiny floor, so I doubt that things will get too much shinier.

Did I ever mention that I don't much care about sets? I thought Cash Cab had the right idea. Just put the whole damn show inside a car and forget about it.