Thursday, August 1, 2013

A real game, anyway

If other game show sites can cover Whose Line, which isn't anything close to a real game, I can cover chess. At least guys are playing a genuine game in those Internet broadcasts.

The latest grandmaster tournament just wrapped up in Biel, Switzerland. Well, it sort of wrapped up. Due to the vagaries of the soccer-style 3-1-0 scoring system, the tournament ended in a four-way tie for first. They'll play a blitz and rapid playoff tomorrow to determine a winner.

The host for the Internet coverage is England's Daniel King. Great name for a chess commentator, right? A grandmaster himself, King offers telegenic good looks and a wry wit to go along with competent technical analysis. He posts a lot of stuff on YouTube, and his videos are well worth watching even for patzers like me.

You can watch his summary of the memorable not-quite-final day at Biel on the Chessbase site. The tournament's official site offers a full replay of his coverage.

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