Monday, August 26, 2013

A fan's notes

It's fun to read fan reports from game show sets. Lots of enthusiasm, lots of trivial details, lots of humor when the fan is somewhat self-aware. This report from the Wheel of Fortune set meets all the requirements.

A married couple watched WoF tape three shows for Halloween week. They noted that the set is a lot smaller than it looks on TV, as every contestant says. They also got to ask Vanna who writes the puzzles. She pointed at some guy but then had to get back to letter touching. During the commercial breaks Jim Thornton came out of hiding "to ask trivia questions, hand out prizes, answer questions, and tell corny Halloween jokes." The couple got a keepsake (see picture) because they knew that Pat Sajak's middle name is Leonard. As Johnny Carson said so often, I did not know that.

One funny note is that Pat literally just said "boo" when he taped one of the Halloween promos. The guy knows how to get the message across in a minimum of words. And for something you never cared about, there's a telephone under the ledge where Pat stands. Maybe he orders pizza when things get slow.

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