Saturday, July 27, 2013

To close or not to close

It's been a while since I dropped by the GSN board. So when I got there today, I found out that the board wasn't there any more. Or at least it wasn't supposed to be there any more. The board was scheduled to shut down two days ago, on July 25, according to the moderator.

Except the board is still open. So I posted my farewell message today, in case the board really does shut down one of these days...

Shows how closely I've been monitoring the situation. I get to post my last comment after the board is closed down...or was supposed to be closed down...or somebody said it would be closed down. 

Anyway, it's been nice...or maybe it will go on being nice until the board shuts if does shut down. By the way, comments are welcome on Game Show Follies, which is not being shut down...or even maybe shut down.

So much for that. I've had some skirmishes on the GSN board, most notably when I tried to persuade some of the older-is-better folks that the network couldn't live forever (or even for a couple weeks) on forty-year-old game shows only. But the board was always a quirky, interesting place. Hail and farewell, if the GSN board really is going away.