Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Spoiled rotten

Noticed a strange comment on Game Show Newsnet today...

There have been words from tapings of the season premiere of "Wheel of Fortune" from Vegas. Adhering to our policy of not wanting to spoil anything for viewers, we will wait for official notice and then report as official word becomes available.

I guess this refers to the news from Buy a Vowel about the new Express wedge on the wheel. I blogged about it a couple days ago. It's a different wrinkle in the gameplay. Is this really "spoiling" anything? I don't see how. Nobody has leaked any actual game results, as Wheel itself did about their second million dollar winner. Folks are just talking about a new game within the game.

Game Show Newsnet does seem to be getting a bit too scrupulous here. I've occasionally gotten embargoed press releases in my e-mail, and I'll respect those. But when a report about a new gameplay element is published on a site which has proven reliable in the past, I don't see anything wrong with relaying the information. The worst that can happen is that the news proves incorrect.

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