Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rumors fly about

A couple rumors flit here and there on the game show Interwebs. First, it looks like the Jackpot round will depart next season from Wheel of Fortune. This tidbit comes from Buy a Vowel, and they've got pictures! Not to mention a contestant interview.

The board erupts in complaints and conspiracy theories over the change, though blasé moi really doesn't care that much. It may be dumb to say it, but I watch the show for the puzzles, not for the money. By the way, a funny sub-thread develops about the apparently testy relationship between Buy a Vowel and what's left of what used to be Matt Ottinger's board.

Speaking of which, a thread on that board says Jeopardy may get another set change next season. Now that's something I don't care about at all. Okay, if they unveil a fluorescent green and fuchsia mess, I might get a tad annoyed. But they could play the game in a plain concrete room and I wouldn't bother to complain. I just don't lose much sleep over game show sets.