Monday, July 1, 2013

Renewed, sight unseen

Rumors had been flitting about, including a comment left on this site. I posted a faux tweet about it, with a slight disclaimer. Well, now it's official. GSN has renewed The Chase for a second season of eight eps before the first season even debuts on August 6.

As the Variety link points out with some astonishment, this is a very unusual strategy. The story mentions Starz ordering a second season of Boss before it ever debuted, but such jumping of the gun has rarely been seen anywhere. (A possibly ominous note: Boss got canceled after its second season.) The Nielsen Company will either make GSN's strategy look brilliant or...not so brilliant.

The buzz out of the tapings has been very positive, particularly about hostie girl Brooke Burns' rapport with beastie boy Mark Labbett. At least they've posed for some interesting pictures together, as the photo shows. I'm happy that GSN is showing such commitment to a traditional quizzer. I just hope The Chase For Ratings proves successful.

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