Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Meredith's walkie to the talkie

As a faux tweet noted, in case you didn't hear all the comments when Meredith Vieira walked away from Millionaire, she's got a syndie talk show.

Only now it's official, instead of an endlessly ballyhooed rumor. The show will originate in New York from a set that looks like Meredith's living room, right down to the furniture and family photos. I like those homey touches. They should really help Meredith fool everybody into thinking she's lounging around the house.

Okay, sarcasm off. But if we need another syndie talk show, I need a frontal lobotomy. According to the weekly ratings report from TVNewsCheck, we've already got Phil and Kelly and Michael and Oz and Maury and Ellen and Katie and Wendy and Steve and Rachael and the other Steve and Jerry and the Doctors and Trisha and the Better (whoever that is). How much more chatter can any same human - or even me - possibly stand?

I can understand why Meredith got tired of asking multiple choice questions. After eleven seasons of A's and B's and C's and D's, I'd probably want a new gig, too. But as the linked story points out, in a niche as overcrowded as syndie talk shows, it's not easy for even the strongest newcomer to survive. We'll see if Meredith can beat the odds with those family photos.


  1. i keep seeing ads on one of my local stations for the new queen latifah talk show... it gives the same tired spin every other "celebrity" talk show gives, "i get to be me," "we're gonna have fun together."

    i'm gonna throw up.

    i miss the days when donahue would host a talk show because he wanted to inform the masses, not sell his "brand." katie couric may have a news background, but her show is as much about what a fun, vivacious gal she is as it is about having meaningful conversations. i'm sure meredith is following the same template.

    remember the days when the daytime talk show field seemed crowded with donahue, oprah, geraldo and sally jessie raphael? it wasn't THAT long ago.

    sad world i live in.

  2. Truth to tell, I never had that much use for Oprah and Geraldo and Sally Jessie. And Donohue's mission to "inform the masses" soon turned into the same tawdry spectacle that we get nowadays.

    I'm just not much a talk show fan, as you can probably tell.

  3. i never had any use for oprah or geraldo, let alone sally jessie.... but there was a time when four talk shows was too many. of course we didn't have a dozen courtroom shows competing for ratings every year, either.

    Gwar was right: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/This_Toilet_Earth