Friday, July 5, 2013

Feudin' through the ages

The schedule threads on the still surviving GSN board grind on. I drop in some notes on Family Feud then and now...

Other poster: Considering that the oldest episodes of Karn's version are now *11* years old, I'd firmly *expect* to start seeing it grouped closer towards the older stuff.

By any standards except those of the game show Interwebs, Karn Feud would qualify as a "classic." The average Karn ep is nearly a decade old. In fact, by normal TV standards the show is paleozoic. Of course, so is Woolery Lingo, which by an odd coincidence is nearly contemporaneous with Karn's run on Feud.

The kicker is that Karn gets better numbers than O'Hurley, especially in the afternoon. In the latest week June 24-30, for instance, Karn pulled an average of 358K viewers for the 4:00PM hour while O'Hurley got only 258K in the 5:00PM hour. So I doubt that Karn is headed for oblivion any time soon.

If anything, I think O'Hurley's place on the schedule might be in jeopardy down the road. To be honest, I've been expecting him to lose the 5:00PM hour. I guess the numbers are still sort of okay for GSN. But O'Hurley Feud is the weak link in a strong 3:00PM-7:00PM schedule, starting with Chain Reaction.

To borrow the phrase from Roger Dobkowitz, O'Hurley does the Shakespeare version of Family Feud. Karn does the Everyman version, and Harvey does the Everyclown version. Everyclown and Everyman beat the Bard, on GSN at least.