Monday, July 29, 2013

Climb on the express

Buy a Vowel reports an interesting twist in Wheel of Fortune gameplay for the upcoming season. Sounds like a gamble for some lucky (or unlucky) contestant who lands on the "Express" wedge.

When landed on, the player must first call a consonant for $1,000 each. If it's there, the player will get the $1,000 per letter and then they must decide either to take another normal turn or to "hop aboard the Express", meaning they keep calling consonants for $1,000 each or buying vowels until they solve the puzzle. However, if the player calls a wrong letter anywhere along the way, they go Bankrupt.

The board chews over the news, and there are naturally some traditionalist grumbles. But quite a few posters seem to like the idea as a nice change-up in the play of the game. The biggest complaint is that hopping on the express might eliminate some wheel-spinning. Well, yeah, but the big wheel should still spin enough to keep most viewers happy.

Love it or hate it, the Express is apparently coming to the third round this fall. At least it's something new to look for.


  1. If you get somebody who knows the puzzle, conceivably, they could make some decent change, and we could see round 5 becoming a regular thing. Of course, there's still the temptation of the car tags, right?

  2. It sounds like a nice addition to the gameplay. Might as well freshen up the show with a new gimmick now and then.